Sisters at work - Docking of the Cotemar IOLAIR semi.

BB29 & BB30
Boa Marine Services Inc.were early this year awarded the engineering contract for docking of the “Cotemar IOLAIR”. This contract enabled BOA to secure the main scope of the dry-docking; engineering, operations, procurement and project management.
On June 10th. offshore Veracruz, Mexico the Boabarge 29 & 30 successfully lifted the semisub “Cotemar IOLAIR” which was then after transported to a selected quayside for maintenance and repair.
It is the first time this kind of operation has been done in Mexico and was carried out successfully.
BOA documented the design and procedures using the two barges linked together with specifically designed cross cables and spacer beams.
Dimensions of the rig are 102m x 100 m x 6.8m and the weight is 13284 Mt.